>3DS Japanese Trailer

6 03 2011

>With all the fuss about the 3DS. I thought I should show you a trailer for it and all the tech specs of it. I think this should help you understand the awesomeness of the 3DS. So sit back and watch the trailer


OK so now is the tech specs of the 3DS:

The Charging Cradle: It was Shown at the start and end of the trailer. Think of it as the magic charger that was out during the time of DSi. You simply just just place it on the cradle and it charges. No chords to plug into the 3DS. But I don’t know if they could make a car charger for it.

A new screen layout: just like the Wii channels. And probably has the same default ones as the Wii. Also on the topic of channels DSi ware will be able to be transfered from one dsi to another. But they have said that not all of the DSi ware will be transferable. Still that means Flipnote Hatena for me. Also there will be Virtual console agin like the Wii so you can download and play Gameboy games.
Data Transfer: When you have your 3DS on standby and you pass someone else with a 3DS (of course on standby as well) Your 3DS and theirs will transfer data. Don’t worry it won’t give out personal data Just your Mii and the recent game that they have played.Along with street fighter their will be like a small match that neither are playing it depends on your luck or level. Also I have a feeling that Nintendogs+Cats will have a walking feature like that.
New buttons: A first for a DS is the home button (don’t count the DSi and it’s power button) also the D-pad will be moved down for the analogue stick for more precise gaming.
Camera’s: There will be camera’s on the 3DS. 2 at the front for 3D pictures and 1 at the front. Also there will be little card thing that you can play around with on your camera. I hope that Nintendo can come up with some good games involving the camera. Maybe something like Invizimals
Mii: Yes you heard right MIi’s but this time with a twist. You take a picture of the person that you wan’t to make a Mii out of and you can generate a Mii for you. And if your not happy with it you can edit it at your will.
Well that’s all the tech specs so hope you guys enjoyed the video and my post.
Also guy’s. The Strikester’s Computer has broke so I’ll be in charge for a while.



2 responses

7 03 2011

>cool! and with those ? block card thingies that reminds me of the Gameboy Advance's E-Reader cards!lol that old guy when he gets a mii of himself thats classic!

12 03 2011
The Strikester

>@Bowser!!! – Thanks for your comment. You're correct in saying that the 3DS' AR Cards look like the GBA's E-Reader Cards! Nice spotting! 😀

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