>The Strikester Asks…. Rovio

12 03 2011


The Strikester Asks...

To coincide with the Angry Birds Seasons St. Patrick’s Day update, Go Green, Get Lucky, I shot through an email to Rovio with a few questions about Angry Birds. I was atonished as to get an answer within seven hours. Thankyou to Oona Hilkamo for answering these questions.

 Q. How did you come up with Angry Birds?
A. The idea for the game originally came from Jaakko Iisalo, who created the characters.

Q. Did you think that Angry Birds was going to be as successful as it is today when you first created it?

A. We knew there was something special about the characters, but did not expect this big a success.

Q. How did you react when the game got all the attention that it did?

A. We were of course surprised and very happy, and had to hire a lot more employees as the game became a huge hit 🙂
So there you go. Do you have any questions for them? If so, send them an email here
NB. I did ask a few more questions, however, I have yet to recieve an answer. When I do, I will post them here.

>Angry Birds Seasons Goes Green for St. Patrick’s Day

11 03 2011


St. Patrick’s Day falls in only six days time (March 17), so Rovio have gone creative with Angry Birds Seasons, with a free update – a section called Go Green, Get Lucky.

But what does the upgrade contain? If you’ve been wanting more levels, Rovio has delivered. There are 15 new ones, in fact, all with St. Patrick’s Day themes. It looks great.
It’s already out for iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad and Google Android users. Those with Symbian^3 and Palm systems will have to wait a little while.
Coming Soon: We ask Rovio about the success of Angry Birds.