>Japan Crisis: The Games and Tech Items

15 03 2011

>A continuation of our look into the Japanese crisis, and how it affects games.

How will the crisis affect the games?

So far, Final Fantasy XI and XIV‘s online servers are offline, the release date for Motorstorm Apocalypse (Sony / Evolution Studios) has been delayed, Disaster Report 4 (Irem) has been canceled, while Sony has also closed down six factories in Japan’s North-East, where Blu-ray Discs and other popular items have been cancelled.

We will inform you when more is known.


>Japan Crisis: The Industry

12 03 2011

>At 2:46PM local time, a massive 8.8 magnitude earthquake hit the coast just of Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. After that followed large walls of water, which battered down on Japan, as well as serious aftershocks.
But how has this affected the gaming and technology industry?

Were the developers affected by the earthquake and tsunami?

There have been no reports of building destruction that affected the gaming and technology industry after the tsunami and earthquake.

Are the developers doing anything to help?

They sure are. Nintendo are giving away ¥300,000,000, SEGA is donating ¥200,000,000, Namco Bandai is giving ¥100,000,000, while Tecmo Koei are donating ¥10,000,00 to the Japanese Red Cross. Apart from a ¥300,000,000 donation, Sony will give out 30,000 radios to people affected.

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>Sony may just have your own IP address…

9 03 2011

>A San Fransisco judge had granted Sony the power to record IP addresses of all those who have visited George Hotz’s website since January of 2009.

They also have permission to access his web host, Bluehost, as well as his Twitter, Google, YouTube, and Softlayer accounts.

Many are angry at Sony over the issue. Some say that they are being to harsh on the issue, and will never buy Sony’s products again, while others are angry believe that it is an invasion of privacy.

Next up in the case is a hearing in April to decide whether Hotz should be tried in San Francisco (Sony’s prefence) or in his home state of New Jersey.

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5 03 2011


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